Storyboard Samples!

Action! Check out this awesome action sequence I did for Transformers: Rescuebots!

Wacky! Here are some superb cartoon boards I did for Nerds and Monsters.

Character! Take a look at this hilarious bit of acting I did for Packages from Planet X!

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Adventures in Animation...
I was very lucky to be mentored by rigorous artists such as Steven Burch (Iron Giant), Danny Antonucci (AKA Cartoon Inc.), Rob Boutilier (Kid vs Kat), Scott Underwood  and Ian Freedman to name a few. 

Starting Leobel Arts 3000
In 2010 I started hiring the odd artist friend to do design, animation and storyboard work when my contracts would overflow. 

Now it's 2020. These days it's just me and I just take one contract at a time. I focus on storyboards for broadcast animation. 

See my linkedin profile for my most recent contracts. 

Some Shows I worked on
Network - Teletoon
Series - SuperNoobs
Company - DHX Media (Vancouver)
Storyboards - 
In 2014-15 I was invited to do boards on Scott Fellows new show SuperNoobs (creator of hit series Johnny Test and Fairly Odd Parents). I got to work with buddies and super directors Rob "Boots" Boutilier and Tim "Stuby" Stuby.  


Network- YTV
Series - Nerds and Monsters Seasons 01 and 02 (2013-14-15)
Company - SlapHappy Cartoons

I think ol' Rob "Boots" Boutilier mentioned I should go try to work with SlapHappy... I was overjoyed to get the job and board on what would become YTV's number one show (boys 8-13) for 2014. I made certain to leave a slot open for them season two in 2015. 


Pilots - SlapHappy
I was super thrilled to be asked to board two pilots for SlapHappy Cartoons mid 2014. I felt as if I'd made it to the top of Mount Everest. Pretty certain one of the pilots is moving forward into production. 


Network - Teletoon
Series - Pirate Express 2013
Company - Atomic Cartoons
Storyboards - 
I was asked to help on a half board for the first episode of Pirate Express. The previous artist was indisposed due to a family emergency. We've all been there. I'm glad I got the call and was able to fulfil the job. I wish I could've done more on the series but I was double booked all through that year. 

(to be annotated)

Hasbro: Transformers, RescueBots Season 03, 2013-2014 
Teletoon: Dr. Dimensionpants 2013
Teletoon: Endangered Species, 2013-2014


Network - Nick Jr.
Series - Julius Junior Seasons 01 and 02 (2012-13-14) 
Companies - Saban Entertainment, BrainPower Studios

Design and resource management-  
After getting to know BrainPower Studios and producer Janice Walker, I was contracted to do the flash resources for season one of Julius Junior. 
I built a crew (Joel Chahal, Joe Lague, TJ Garcia, Polina Radtchenko, Kurtis Scott) and we did all the character, prop and special FX design. We took the concept art of the Paul Frank brand and turned it into functional flash animation resources for broadcast television. We did all the main characters, main props and FX. Our team front loaded the rigging, rotations, runs, walks, expressions and expression sheets for the main characters and main props. We did a stellar job and Saban used all our resources for the toy designs and used stills from the series for the Julius Junior kids book series :)

Storyboards - 
Stephanie Ramon (my storyboard junior 2013) and I did one storyboard for season one when Julius Junior was in a pinch. Then Peter Habjan (my storyboard junior 2014-15) and I did 6 boards at the end of season two when they were in a pinch. Every storyboard was above par and delivered a few days early to accommodate the pinched schedule. The director, Mike Weiss was very pleased with our effort.  


Project -  (Confidential) 2013
Company - DHX Media (Halifax)
Feature Film Development-  
Concept design. Character and location with my crew, Stephanie Ramon and Aaron Hong for a DHX Media feature film proposal under the guidance of Bob Munroe.


In 2012 I story-boarded on Disney XD's "Packages from Planet X". Thanks to my supervisor, Todd Demong I did some good boards on a really great show.

Sample of my recent boards here!

Check out the "Packages from Planet X" trailer here!

Crash Canyon
In 2010 I was very happy to finally get to work with creative powerhouse George Elliott and Elliott animation. I got to board on Teletoon's "Crash Canyon". 

The Dating Guy
In 2009 I was the animation and art director on Teletoon's "The Dating Guy". I revised the early boards and boarded the intro. I really enjoyed working with directors, Joe Sherman and Jamie Whitney. 

Turbo Dogs
In 2008 I story-boarded and was art director for CBC's 3D series "Turbo Dogs". I really enjoyed getting to know the overseas team and working with New Zealand's Huhu Studios

Odd Job Jack
Between 2007 and 2003 I was an animator and a board revisionist for Comedy Network's "Odd Job Jack". In 2005 I was the art director and animation director and continued to revise boards into season 04 and 2007.

World of Bruce McCall
I co-directed, designed, story-boarded and helped animate this series of award winning short films intermittently over 5 years. 

Clear Conscience selected to screen at Ottawa Animation Festival 2009, Babelgum audience award 2010, Platinum Pixie award 2011.

Ascent of Man selected to screen at Ottawa Animation Festival 2008 

In the Beginning...
I started boarding professionally in 2001 with Danny Antonucci on Ed, Edd and Eddy season 03 under the supervision of a lot of brilliant cartoon minds.

Joseph, King of Dreams
My first job, 2 months out of art school was as an assistant FX animator on Joseph. I got to work under Steven Burch (Iron Giant) and my senior was the brilliant Marc Arnnul. I got to assist on the money shot of the movie. That's right, I inbetweened his coat detail (as the camera spins around him on a mountain top). Hah, the entire job was a blast.  

My handy work: inbetweening the coat detailing of the 20 second money shot. Made my mother proud.

Animated Shorts
Between 1999 and 2010 I conceptualized, designed and directed a number of animated short films. Some of them won awards and were in competition at OIAF, Annecy, Zagreb, Brooklyn Underground and many others. Notable films:  Clear Conscience (multi-award winner, and OIAF showcase), Mr. Happy (multi-award winner, Annecy and Zagreb nominee), Bigfoot (series of 6 hilarious shorts for Comedy Network), Eric the Tiny (Pilot for E1), Headlessness (independently produced and was in competition in many festivals, won best experimental at the Sea to Sky Festival). 

Production still from award winning film "Mr Happy"

Development and Pilots
I've had the pleasure of designing and developing a number of series. Some of which have made it through to pilot and/or production. 

Eric the Tiny
In 2009 I did E1's "Eric the Tiny" pilot. I boarded it on paper and then timed out the lieca in flash. It was great fun to design, board, direct and tweak.

Watch the 90 sec PILOT! Click "View Promo"

Comics and StarAcer Academy
In 2010 I co-founded StarAcer Academy, the coolest space comic for kids! 
The 2012 comic is about two young StarAcer recruits exploring the academy and solving cool science mysteries. 

2012 StarAcer Academy Comic 
Page 01 of 2012 StarAcer Academy comic

Page 02 of 2012 StarAcer Academy comic

Page 03 of 2012 StarAcer Academy comic

In 2012 I drew a 20 page comic for Tictac Canada. It was part of a facebook campaign that generated 500,000 likes. 

A selection of development Art 
(Some has gone through to production for web, television and or pilot stage. I note which on each image.)

Production still from animated pilot "Eric The Tiny"
Bible page from "Eric the Tiny"
Color Keys from "Eric the Tiny" pilot
Through to web series production
Through to development with an online network
Through to animated pilot

In development

Through to development with networks

Concept design for fun
In development

Through to production (this is an alternate character design that did not get picked but I like it better) 

A Mash-Up: Illustrations and Production stills

Art for game "Reset Generation" (I did like 40 pieces of art for this game)

Production still from Multi-Award winner Mr. Happy
Production still from Eric the Tiny
Production still from Eric the Tiny
Production still from Blue Beard
Production still from Blue Beard
Published in International Art book "Everything Elevator"
Published in International Art book "Everything Elevator"
See more of my work on the "Doodles" page!