Thursday, December 16, 2010

A light sampling of Lukes Concept Art

Above is some concept art (early 2010) for an animated feature film myself, SGS and Bruce McDonald have been piecing together. We have some big name interested parties and some committed funding. We've done an incredible 3D proof of concept test. Hopefully we can take off into true pre-production in 2011.

Above is a color script from a really exciting series that i can't utter the name of. I directed an incredible promo pilot which I hope I can post one day. And we all pray that it goes to broadcast!

Below are a few still from the super wicked promo pilot.

Below is a piece of concept art I did for a film that is in production right now, to be released in 2011. The final designs are being done by the brilliant artists and directors at SGS. The final designs are vastly different and quite a bit nicer and cartoonier than what you see below. It's always amazing what sort of journey a concept will go through.