Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hym Comics - New Life

Here are 3 covers to a series i created called "Hym". It should've been spelt "Hymn" or something a little clearer. Friends have asked me, "is it pronounced like HIM or like High-im?" bit of confusion there. I always felt it should be pronounced HIM.

The series was created straight ahead. One day in 1996 i decided to write and draw a comic at the same time. It literally started off as a stream of consciousness for like 40 pages. I broke it up into 10 page blocks. I did the covers much later, you can see from the dates i did about one a year. I simply wanted to create a comic without all the thinking and planning stuff, haha.

Regardless of where it stalled (around the 5th issue and 45 pages) I had planned to do 10 to 12 comics.
It's so much fun to create comics. 


  1. Love the beetle one! I don't know what the hell is going on in this pic but I want to :) Where's the full comic?